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NERDACHE. Your way.

Nerdache Cakes is all about reaching out to fans. Your fans, your retailers, your office, your fandom. Announce new branding, send holiday packages to your retailers, celebrate milestones- theres' tons of reasons to send sweetness that's all about your brand. 


Brand it

We Bake it

We Ship it

Share It

The recievers of your packages will want to share on their media- right before chowin' down!

We ship them in no-break packaging in clear treat bags, complete with any media packets or pamplets you'd like, directly to your retailers, office or studios.

We bake it. Crisp, clean fondant decor that matches your brand perfectly so theres' no mistaking where they're from.

You choose your branding. This can be your retailers' logo, your own logo, your characters and more.

How will you

These are examples of some past companies and brands Nerdache Cakes has worked with. Media Packages can showcase your brand, a new product, your retailers branding and much more. They include up to a dozen cookies per box- or send 100 cookies right to your office!


We'll also send you pro photos of your sweets, so they are instagram and twitter ready. Your fans love you + Nerdache. It's that simple.  


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