This month was the ultimate battle of bat versus clown- which side did you choose? Reside in Arkham? Or watch over Gotham? Each box had it's own themed cookies inside, including a lifesize Bat mask! What's in the Box? 3 Villain Sugar Cookies 1 Killing smile Cookie Clown 1 Joker Playing Sugar Cookie 1 Comic Book BANG! Cookie


Whats in the box?

-12 custom sugar cookies

-Indiviually sealed for freshness


Due to the custom nature of this product, please allow up to 10 days for delivery. If needed sooner, please add fast track shipping to your cart.


Cookies are egg-free, but do contain gluten. Ask about our gluten-free options!

ARKHAM Box- June

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  • All Boxes ship in 10 days due to the custom nature of this product with 1-2 Day shipping for freshness. Indiviually sealed and packed. 

  • All Cookies are made with our delicious sugar cookie dough, egg-free. May contain  or come into contact with artificial almond extract. Our Fondant is Kosher.