Choose your own cookie adventure- decide your theme, choose from 3 cookie sizes, and bring it home with your flavor choice! Simply choose from the provided keys or enter your choices in the comment box. 12 custom cookies per box, wrapped and sealed.


Note: Snack Size cookies will be tripled in your Nerdache Box- please be aware design customization will be limited the smaller size you choose. Jumbo sized cookies limited 4 per box. See product list for Jumbo option. How does theme choice work? We can work off of the most vague examples. EX: Pirates- You might get some pirate faces, swords or parrots. Want some very specific characters or objects? Just put it in the description box- we'll get it!

Whats in the box?

-12 custom sugar cookies

-Indiviually sealed for freshness


Due to the custom nature of this product, please allow up to 10 days for delivery. If needed sooner, please add fast track shipping to your cart.


Cookies are egg-free, but do contain gluten. Ask about our gluten-free options!


CUSTOM- Choose your own!

  • All of our Nerdache cookies are nut and egg-free, however contact with eggs may occur. Packaged and sealed for freshness, an unopened box may remain fresh up to 2 weeks.

    Because of the handmade nature, differences in final product may occur.

  • When will my custom Box Ship? 

    Unless specified, each ordered Nerdache Box ships one week (7 days) from ordering date. 

    How does my Box ship?

    Nerdache Boxes are shipped using 1-2 day Priority rate shipping for freshest taste. Need it sooner? Email us at for faster shipping rates.