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The Sweet Review: Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy

Welcome to The Sweet Review, a weekly spotlight on some of the sweetest things in Geek! This week we turn the oven on a read I picked up at NYCC- Sam Maggs' Fangirls' Guide to the Galaxy. We picked up a signed copy of Fangirls' Guide at Quirk Books' NYCC Booth (whom you might recongnize for such paper powerhouses like Miss Perigrines trilogy, Pride and Preduice and Zombies, and Bill Murray's newest book The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray (A personal Fave.)

We actually surprised Quirk Books with some NYCC cookies and got to chat about some of their newest books- and pick up some new reading luggage for the flight to LA the next week!

Now about Fangirls Guide. Fangirls guide is, simply put, a perfect guide for all things geek. But more than that, it's a shining light into what being a fangirl is all about. Enjoying the things we love, engaging with others in our 'fandom', and how to find new things you might enjoy.

I highly recommend Fangirls' Guide if you need to know how to fit into a new fandom or what to watch next to Netflix. It touches on everything from Doctor Who to yes, what is a Johnlock, to even what cartoons you might enjoy. It shows you how to avoid internet trolls, and what comments and suggestions to take to heart- an important part of posting fanart or fanfiction etc. Sam Maggs herself is a treat (give her a follow on instagram for daily expolits into the ultimate fangirls' life. From epic geek fashion selfies to feeding bunnies on bunny island and every meme inbetween.

This book is a real life-saver for me, who on a weekly bases must engage with thousands of fans and create sugar art on the things they rave about. A third of the time, all my knowledge of certain things is based on a quick google search or half-scanned wiki page.

Fangirls' Guide has really become my go-to guide for how I present some of my lesser-knowlegable creations and how I interact with those fans. Of which I am always grateful.

My Office Manager keeps a copy on her desk, which she flips through on a daily basis while answering emails. It's greatly decreased the "What's a Johnlock? And can you make a cake on it by thursday?" questions.

Fangirls' Guide to the Galaxy is nomiated for Goodreads' Choice Awards 2015 Best Humor Award.

See more of this Fangirls' figure below, and details on how it was sculpted:

This Fangirls' figure was sculpted from Satin Ice fondant and finished so no seams were visible (something new I discovered while on my lunch break!) and free-standing. Sculpted from 10 seperately modeled peices and adjoined using chocolate glue.


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