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Nickelodeon's Harvey Beak Treats

The early bird gets the worm- er, a Gummy Worm!

Treat your beak with these delicious and fun treats. You can fill them with your favorite candy, and use different colored chocolate to make Harvey Beaks characters like Fee, Foom and Harvey!

What you'll Need:

Cupcake liners (Silicone domes would be best)

Colored chocolate wafers, depending on which characters you want


Chocolate chips

Candy (You choose your favorites!)

What to Do:

  1. Melt your chocolate down according to the directions on the package. We use chocolate wafers in a lot of our cake projects, you can find easy tips and tricks below! Pour your chocolate in your cupcake liners, rotating slowly to cover all the edges.

  2. While your chocolate cup is setting up in the fridge, smoosh two marshmallows for eyes, then apply two dots of chocolate to the centers. Play with different expressions to make yours unique!

  3. After 5-6 minutes, take your chocolate cup and pour your favorite candies in the center. We choose gummy worms, marshmallows and sour candies- feel free to mix it up or personlize it for friends. Pour more chocolate in the center over the candies, but just enough to close the bottom.

  4. After the chocolate has set, remove from the molds and set right. Apply the marshmallow eyes and decorate. Use fondant like we did, for Harvey's beak, or colored sugar for Fee's hair. It's fun to mix up different characters!

Eat and enjoy!


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